Stress, yes! The Annoying pain in the Ass that we all get from time to time…

I’m not saying that I’m an experienced medical doctor or have a degree in psychology or anything like that, hell I only just started university but I do know that in my short life that I have considerably dealt with a lot of stress over time and i must accept that stress is a nasty part of life that we all have to experience and come across from time to time. And yes, it is extremely uselessly painful and even more so, stress is something that accumulates and if it isn’t dealt with or reduced properly it can ruin you. 


There are so many incidents where people have made themselves go crazy, committed suicide or felt that they had to give up on their lives’ because of the extreme effect that stress had on their lives and the control that drove them to insanity.

For example: 

U.S Stress Statistics Data
Percent of people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress 77 %
Regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress 73 %
Feel they are living with extreme stress 33 %
Feel their stress has increased over the past five years 48 %

No matter how negative and ugly stress may seem to be it can be controlled, you should never think that it can’t and never give it the power to consume and ruin you. 


A few ways that have helped me to deal with stress as I’ve grown up would be:

  • Deep Breaths in and out/meditation – this helps in keeping me stable and in making me direct my thoughts and calm my nerves.
  • Moving away from the source of stress and discomfort 
  • Focusing on the task at hand and its completion 
  • Spend time on things that make me happy and calm, i.e. music and art
  • Going for a walk/run 
  • Seeking professional help for chronic stress 
  • Talking to a trusted person or friend to exert my feelings to
  • Drinking tea 
  • Travelling 

Most of these things that i have listed i have done so because they are what i have tried myself and have at times personally helped me to deal with my own anxiety and stress, and in which, I am certain will continue to help me later on in my life as well. 


Still Reminiscing about 90’s RnB?

Ever since I was a young child I’ve always loved music and been greatly influenced by it. It brings me back to so many good memories with family and friends of just chilling and listening to some great tunes whether it was at home, at a gathering party or taking long road trips in the family car, I loved it a lot and even more so that it connects me to such great moments with the people I love.

Music has also gotten me through a lot things as I’ve grown up whether I was happy, sad, angry or confused I could always look to music as both my saviour and support to guide me back to my normal self. To b honest, I appreciate a lot of great music no matter the genre or the decade that it is in, but for me 90’s R&B is hands down the BEST and I say this ‘with my chest’ LOL! the 90’s itself was and still is the G.O.A.T there’s no denying it.

It was full of all the legends and it was during this era that they reigned, people like the amazing Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Marvin Gaye and Bobbi Brown the list goes on. This genre just keeps me so happy and grounded and the music transcends you to places that the music of today could never really take you at least not in the way that the 90’s could, not say that the music of today is completely distasteful but being a 90’s kid myself I can say that the R&B today doesn’t even match up close enough to what it used to be and I don’t think it ever will.


Best R&B 90’s Songs Ever – Greatest R&B Songs Of The 90’s

A little Appreciation posts for most of my favourite 90’s RnB artists…



Top-Notch Travelling Tips to Live By

Travelling and seeking for new adventures is very exciting. It’s innovating, thrilling and extremely therapeutic. If you find yourself not in employment, education or simply have nothing to do, I would definitely recommend that you spend all that free time using it to go travelling around the world, exploring your way through the different continents and see what the world truly has to offer!

I absolutely adore travelling and one day I hope to take a good year or two out of my busy life to dedicate it to backpacking across Europe with my trusty camera taking photographs as I go along! My dream would be to take my time going through the whole of Europe from country to country staying in each country for a few months till I move to the next country, for example, Spain for 5-6 months, then France for 4 months and then Italy (Possibly, In that order…). Then, like most ambitious travel junkies I’d want to move from Europe to Africa and from there to the next continent and so on. Although, of course all this can’t be done during the same time period, this goal of mine would be one I’d be trying to reach throughout my lifetime. 

travel tips picSo, you want to travel but don’t know how to… Here’s some advice to kick start your journey…

1. Start your travel journey somewhere closer to your country of residence

What I mean by this is start smaller when you just begin travelling, what’s the rush, explore your own country first if need be, explore the beauty within the place you live i before you branch out and if you’ve already done that then go to the next country/island that is closest to where you already are. Trust me you’ll not only save money but you’re time too…

2. Travel light

It’s always best to only bring the things with you that are actually a necessity because more times than not people accumulate more things as they travel to place to place, so don’t weigh yourself down with excess luggage before you’ve even started your journey.

3. Actually explore

Don’t be tempted to travel to places that you know or have been to already and are comfortable with, to fully feel like your having the best time travelling and really enjoying it is when you go to somewhere new that you have never experienced before because only then would you be able to understand new cultures, traditions and ways of life in what you come across through your journey which will help you to grow as an individual and a traveller.

4. Know the Lingo

I’m not saying that you should be fluent in all the languages of the places you go to but before you get there I would suggest that you know some key words that you’d need to communicate with the locals and to help you get by in that country even though most places in the world speak English, it’d be honour if the locals see you trying to communicate with them in their own native language, so keep this in mind!


5. Be open to new things and opportunities but at the same time keep your guard up…not everyone has as good intentions as you might do!

6. Make sure you’re happy and actually want to travel

This is because it can be quite tiring and possibly lonely too especially if you’re a lone traveller so, I’d advice that the moment you’re no longer enjoying it and want to go home, think, stop and then head back.

7. Don’t stick to travel and tour guides all the time, be spontaneous and just go for it, you never know what you may find…

8. Open your eyes and don’t just hang out with people who are the same as you. Embracing difference and change is how you’ll grow and have the most interesting and life altering experiences.


Feel to comment your own travelling tips in the comment section

Thanks for reading! xoxo


Crazy for Tography?, Me too…

Photography is a service, and a personal one at that. Your clients are letting you into their lives, and trusting you with some pretty big moments. The more you can give them reason to feel comfortable with hiring you, the better.”

I recently started blogging about my passion for photography, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do but never came around to doing, in my opinion blogging is a great way to portray your work of art and express your love for the camera lens on a platform that allows you to do that in a creative and innovative manner. 

My favourite type of photography that i tend to lean towards is natural photography because I just enjoy the beauty of capturing nature’s purity and it’s calming essence. Whenever, I take nature pictures i’d think it would be safe to imply that you can literally see the peace and serenity in my photography that has been captured once the images has been captured by the lens. Below are just a few snippets of the images that I took myself in the last 6 months…